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It is scary enough when there are indications that someone is lurking about your property,but the thought of someone forcefully entering your home while you are there is terrifying.
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In most cases the average thief does not want this type of confrontation and will donate a good deal of their time to casing a home before attempting a robbery. They are kept busy with their pre-burglar schedule. They first want to try and determine that in fact nobody is home. They want to make sure that while they go about their business of entry that they are going to go undetected. They try to ascertain what type of security measures are put in place.
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The home invaders are not of this type of mindset, and are clearly focused on entering the home, whether somebody is there or not. In fact, it may be their main objective to terrorize the home owners into revealing information to them in regards to the objects they want to steal.
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Home invaders often have a criteria set in place prior to their actions. They certainly don’t want too many people in the residence they are about to attack. It would mean that they were not able to get immediate control of the residents before they scattered throughout the house, and they would be able to call for immediate help.
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There are many different ways that a home invader will choose their target. It doesn’t always mean that they only focus on celebrities or high income earners, or upper scale residences.
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One recent police report outlines an arrest made of a recent home invasion. In this case there were three masked men involved in the crime, and they became physical with the occupant. In this case rather than being a house that was their target, it happened to be an apartment.
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The home invader will often come prepared with items to restrain their victims. They may use handcuffs, ropes, or other items for this purpose.They are aggressive and intimidating.
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While we are fortunate in Toronto that this is a crime that does not occur all too frequently, one has to be prepared for the possibility. In part it is the alertness and security steps that Toronto nians take that help to keep this type of crime at a minimum.
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You need to buy yourself as much time as possible from allowing these intruders to gain entry into your home. The first step is not to open the door to strangers. Following this is having secure closures particularly on your doors which is their usual point of entry. The longer it takes them to kick in or gain entry through your doors, the more time you have to call for help.
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Most often when we think about security it is on a personal level. As Toronto residents our first concern is the safety of our families, homes and business. When a distressing incident like what just took place in Ottawa in relation to the shooting of one of Canada’s soldiers, and likewise the death of another in Quebec, it tends to broaden our thinking about the different levels of Canada Security.
On the personal level when we are scrutinizing our security there should be set criteria that should be followed.
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First there should be a thorough inspection of one’s premises to determine what the security needs are. What steps can be taken personally to heighten the home protection. For example, are the doors and windows deemed safe and built to keep intruders out.
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Next, what type of security equipment should be implemented to meet the specific needs of each individual. It doesn’t make sense that one set of security devices suits everyone. This can be the problem when a home owner or business owner is not dealing with a security equipment provider that offers personalized services.